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News and Updates 2015

Month of October


Own - A - Tree Project

In May 2015, Pope Francis published his second encyclical entitled Laudato Si a critique of irresponsible development and mindless consumerism that has led to widespread environmental degradation and climate change. In it, the Pope also called for "swift and unified global action" to mitigate the disastrous effects of human activity and consumption on the planet.

In response to Pope Francis's call for action, the university initiated the Own-a-Tree Project. Held successfully last October 9 at The Forum, the launch was attended by school administrators, office heads, representatives and leaders from various student and parent organizations.

The campaign was organized to provide individuals and groups the opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation through the planting of trees at the Salikneta Farm. A pledge of P3,650 ensures that a Narra tree seedling, which will be named after the donor, will be properly looked after for an entire year.

The campaign also helps marginalized yet deserving AgriVet Sciences Institute students by funding for their education through the university's various scholarship programs.

External donors have also expressed their support for the project. Professors Dr. Jose Isagani Janairo, Dr. cecilia P. Reyes, and Drs. Dante and Jane Flores of De La Salle University's Biology Department, through the initiatives of Dr. Florencia Claveria, have each sponsored trees that have been planted at the Salikneta Farm.

As of October 30, the total donations from the Own-a-Tree Project has amounted to P 12,750

Month of September


Dr. Jiasui Zhan visited Salikneta and AGSI

Dr. Jiasui Zhan, a Distinguished Professor in the Crop Protection Department and Plant Pathology division of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, China, currently a visiting Professor in the Biology Department of the College of Science at De La Salle University visited the Salikneta Farm and Agrivet Sciences Institute (AGSI) yesterday, Sept 1. He gave a talk which was co-sponsored by the Student Council of AGSI on the "Evolutionary Ecology of the Irish Famine Pathogen Phytophthora infestans". His research interest included population genetics, evolutionary biology, plant disease epidemiology and ecological agriculture.

Month of August


Salikneta Mart Blessing

Our Salikneta Mart in De La Salle University-Manila was officially opened yesterday through a simple blessing ceremony. We have been delivering our products to DLSU for quite some time now but it was only this year that we have constructed a structure to further service their needs more efficiently.


AGSI Receives Book Donation from Security Bank Foundation

The AgriVet Sciences Institute received book donations from the Security Bank Foundation in a turn-over ceremony held on August 13 at the Security Bank Foundation office in Makati City.

The donation, which is the latest from the Foundation, was made possible by the assistance and support of Security Bank Foundation Program Manager Ms. Mel Vigo-Cordova.

Month of July


SAS Teambuilding Activity in Salikneta

The Student Assistants Society (SAS) will be having a teambuilding and leadership seminar on August 2 (Sunday) in Salikneta Farm, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. To be done in coordination with the Student Financial Assistance and Scholarship (STUFAS) Office, the SAS members will also have session in time management to assist them in balancing academics and rendering service to their respective office and units.

We wish them a fruitful session with their resource speakers

Month of June


DLSAU Professors hailed as Google Scientist

Our Agrivet Sciences Institute (AGSI) Professors landed into the top 150 Filipino Scientist/Scholars in the Philippines.

Dr. Florencia Claveria, Vice Chancellor for Academics, Research and Operations for Salikneta Farm, placed 25th, with an H-index of 13 and a total of 513 citations in Google Scholar published papers.

Other volunteer professors for AGSI from DLSU included in the list were Dr. Divina Amalin (ranked 31st), professor on Insect Physiology and Toxicology, Dr. Marites Tiongco (ranked 38th), professor on Agricultural Economics and Marketing and General Algebra, and Dr. Eric Punzalan (ranked 101st), a professor on General Chemistry.

In addition, Dr. Maricar Prudente, our part-time faculty in the PhD Executive Program in Educational Management, ranked 2nd.


Updates on TED Tuition and Other Fees Increase

Discussions regarding the tuition and other fees increase (TOFI) for School Year 2015-2016 started on November 14, 2014 when Institutional Bulletin 14382-B was released to inform and advise the members of the multi-sectoral committee on TOFI to start their consultations in preparations for the institutional discussion of the committee.

The multi-sectoral committee on TOFI were the following:

Ms. Joyce Maghacot - Students' representative
Mrs. Asuncion Ramos - Parents' representative
Mr. Paul Nullan - Employees' Union representative
Ms. Marilyn Rubrica - Faculty Society representative
Mr. Christopher Polanco - Administrative representative

Vice Chancellor for Academics & Research Dr. Bjorn Santos and Controller Mrs. Delia Table were also part of the discussions of the multi-sectoral committee on TOFI.

After two months of consultations, the multi-sectoral committee on TOFI met on January 30 to further discuss their recommendations to the Office of the University President. The multi-sectoral committee recommended the following:

1. 6% and 10% increases on tuition fee for old and new students respectively;
2. P1500 and {4000 Institutional Development Fee per year for old and new students respectively and;
3. Tertiary Education Parents Association (TEPA) Fee per year of P100

After much prayer and reflection, I had presented the following proposals to the Board of Trustees and they gave their support to the proposals as these financial resources will promote the development and improvement of our educational programs,

All documentary requirements were prepared and submitted to the Commission on Higher Education - National Capital Region on February 27. We had also submitted a reply to their April 23rd letter regarding our TOFI

This year's TOFI is aimed to further improve the salaries of our school personnel and to provide for the funding requirements of our infrastructure projects that will complement the quality instruction given by our professors.
I would like to take this opportunity again to thank this year's multi-sectoral committee on TOFI for their recommendations and we assure you that all of these new financial resources will continue to unleash our greatness as a University.


Updates on Trimestral Calendar

In two weeks' time, we will already be opening School Year 2015-2016 for the Tertiary Education Department. In view of this, I would like to take this opportunity to give everyone updates on our Trimestral Calendar:

1. We continue to coordinate and communicate with the Commission on Higher Education - National Capital Region (CHED-NCR) particularly the office of Dr. Leonida Calagui to answer their queries about our Trimestral Calendar. In fact, we have submitted a good number of letters and documents last week for them to further understand said calendar.

2. While there have been recent coordination and communication with CHED-NCR, we have informed the office of Dr. Calagui of this very early on. We had written two letter to them, one on February 12 and the other on March 6 and we were able to complete all the documentary requirements on March 27. The documents include documentation of all the meetings and discussions with the university's stakeholders, transition plans as well curriculum sequence under the Trimestral Calendar that were developed with the assistance of student representatives per program.

3. All of our efforts, resources and time have been spent preparing and planning for the smooth implementation of the Trimestral calendar. We continue to prepare all of our educational facilities as well as recruitment of highly qualified teachers for our school opening on May 25.

We remain committed in providing quality Christian education to the young especially the poor. Our communication lines will continue to be open for comments and recommendations that will bring about greater understanding of this Trimestral Calendar, that, we strongly feel will provide better opportunities for the students entrusted to us.

Month of April


Salikneta Farm Board of Trustees Meeting

The 4th Quarter Board of Trustees Meeting of Salikneta, Inc. will be held tomorrow, April 24 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN, at the Salikneta Farm Conference Room.

Month of March


DLSAU Student Research Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the DLSAU Student Research Competition held last 20 March 2015. The list of the winners are as follows:

For the Oral/Paper Presentation

Social Science/Education
Gold Award

Effectivity of using Quipperschool Website in Enhancing the Learning Process of Grade 7 Students in Dona Rosario High School

Author: Jose Nino Sales

Special Citations Award

Vigor as Determinant of Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement among Public High School Teachers in Malabon City

Author: Sheila Marie Yor and Pauline Mae Espiritu

Navotas: Sharing its Fishing Culture

Author: Leonard Brian Lumaque, Abvie Lopez

Food Science
Gold Award

Effects of Stabilizer and Cryoprotective Agent on Squid (Loligo pealli) Nuggets

Author: Sarah Joy Lingad

Special Citation Award

Utilization of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Bean Shell as a Partial Substitute for Cocoa Powder in Polvoron and Cookies

Author: Alyza Villaver Jimenez

Veterinary Sciences
Gold Award

Root Canal System of the Maxillary Second Premolars of Adult Mongrel Dogs (Canis familiaris)

Author: Van Denn Cruz

Special Citation Award

Intraepididymal Calcium Chloried Sterilization in Adult Male Dogs (Canis familiaris)

Author: Mirava Yuson

Agricultural Sciences
Gold Award

In Sacco Nutrient Degradability of Napier Grass on Upgraded Goars (Capra aegagrus hircus) Supplemented with Different Dietary Fats on the Concentrate

Authors: Noah Correa, Johnson Burgos, John Fernando

Silver Award

Vegetative Propagation of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) as influenced by Different Growing Media

Author: R.J. Ogao-ogao

Bronze Award

Rumen Ammonia Nitrogen and Microbial Protein Production on Dietary Fats Supplemented Goats (Capra hircus Linn)

Author: Mirei Nakazawa

For the Poster Presentation

1st place
Mallard Duck (Anas Platyrthynchos L.) and Salted Eggs Production at Salikneta Farm

- Bersales, Richard B.

2nd Place
Use of Oyster Shell in Improving the Quality of Egg Shells of White - Dekalb Laters:(Gallus gallus domesticus)

- Motita, Ricky L

2nd Place
Adaptability and Production Performance of Sasso Chicken (Gallus gallus) in Salikneta Farm

- Villeza, Marvin P.

3rd Place
Production of Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus L.) through Organic and Inorganic Fertilization at Salikneta Farm

- Pacheco, Princess Jayne G.

1st Place
Anxious and Avoidant Attachment Styles as Determinants of Separation Anxiety among Public School Children

- Manalysay, Eña Lea and Matriz, Levine Joseph

2nd Place
Interpersonal Reactivity as a Predictor of Helping Attitude of Filipino Youth

- Muñoz, Elida Beloved and Suarez, Joan Camille

Food Technology
1st Place
Development of thermally processed smoked milkfish (Chanos chanos) spread
- Manansala, Herssyl Donna L.

I also want to thank Mr. Ronald Ibarlin, Chair of the Poster Presentation, Mr. Glenn Banaguas and Ms. Adoracion Benedicto, Chair of the Oral Presentation for making the event a success.

Month of January


The Future of Philippine Agriculture Talk

In coordination with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics & Research, the College Student Council of the Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences sponsored a Research Fora entitled "The Future of Philippine Agriculture" yesterday, January 28 at the Osmeña Hall. Invited speakers included Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and Philippine Veterinary Medical Association Vice President Dr. Hercules Baldos.

Students, Faculty, Adminsitrators and Alumni including those from the AgriVet Sciences Institute also attended on that Fora.


Seminar on AGRI-Tourism at Salikneta Farm

The Second Year BS Tourism Management students organized a Seminar entitled "Salikneta Farm as Agri-Tourism Destination and Sanctuary" which will start tomorrow, January 24 to January 25 at Salikneta Farm


OIC for Farm Operations

Dr. Florencia Claveria is appointed concurrent to her directorship of the AgriVet Sciences Institute as Office in charge of Salikneta Farm Operations. We are in search of a replacement for Mr. Butch Evarola who resigned as Farm Operations Manager. All departments under Farm Operations are to report directly to Dr. Claveria: Agri-tourism and hospitality, Food processing and food tech, Agri-business and entrepreneurship, Agri-technology and maintenance, Animal welfare, vegetation and greenery, and Marketing/advertising.


Construction and Renovation at Salikneta Campus

The main dining hall will be subdivided into three: two big dormitory rooms that will accomodate about 50 students and the last remaining middle portion will be for the dining room

We anticipate to be getting about 50 new students for the BS Agriculture program this January 2015

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