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News and Updates 2014-2015

Month of October


AGSI holds Mentors' Night: A Night of Thanksgiving

World Teachers' Day was celebrated at the Agrivet Sciences Institute (AGSI) through what the students called "Mentors' Night" on 05 October 2014 at the Salikneta Farm Agriventures Learning Center. The AGSI Supreme Student Council led the program, wherein AGSI faculty members and the Department Heads of the Salikneta Farm Operations were invited to attend.

The students used the program as an opportunity to give thanks to their teachers for mentoring them in the BS Agriculture program despite the challenges of distance and stretches of rough roads going in and out of Salikneta Farm in Bulacan. As of the current term, AGSI has part-time and volunteer faculty members coming from Central Luzon State University, and De La Salle University and the Department of Agriculture. Also helping in their education are the different Heads of the Salikneta Farm Operations who teach them through the Students' In-Farm Training. They also gave certificates of appreciation to all of their teachers, mentors and staffs.

Month of September


AGSI Celebrates Math and Science Day

Students and faculty members of the AgriVet Sciences Institute (AGSI) celebrated Math and Science Day on 30 September 2014 with fun-filled learning activities and contests at the Salikneta Farm Agriventures Library

In line with the theme "Philippines: A Science Nation Meeting the Global Challenges", the AGSI Supreme Student Council (SSC) led the festivities, which included a Science and Math Quiz Bee, Poster-making Contest, Spaghetti Tower-making Contest, Scientist/Mathematician Kalokalike, Science and Math Jingle, and Ms. ChemBot (Chemistry and Botany) 2014.

Students representing the different High School and the BS Agriculture (BSA) sections competed in the events. At the end of the day the following emerged as winners:

1st year, BSA (Advanced)

Science and Math Quiz Bee the 1st year, BSA (Advanced)

Spaghetti Tower-making 1st year, BSA (Regular)

Scientist/Mathematician Kalokalike 2nd year, BSA

Science and Math Jingle 3rd Year, BSA

Ms. Chembot 3rd year, BSA

The Science and Math Week aims to raise awareness on the importance of technologies in the fields of agricultural productivity, enterprise development, industry competitiveness, IT Business Process Management, quality healthcare, education, Science and Techonology, Disaster Preparedness, and good governance.

Month of July


A Seed for Change

By: Emmie Marie E. Rosales

“One seed can calm a tribe and stabilize a nation. One seed can change life. One seed can determine one’s destiny. One seed can lead to prosperity.”-Atty. Henry Lim Bon Liong

We were invited to attend the Mid-year Food and Agribusiness Conference at the University of Asia and the Pacific on July 10, 2014. Eight Agrivet students were chosen to attend the conference. We were accompanied by our School Directress, Dr. Florencia Claveria, and her secretary, Ms. Renabelle Danlag. This day certainly changed our vision on our studies as the future feeder of the Philippines.

Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong, SL Tech President, showed to us the letter sent to him by his teacher, Prof. Yuan Long Ping (Father of Hybrid Rice), that states about Knowledge, Perspiration, Inspiration and Chance. These words really inspired me and my fellow Saliknetans to strive more in venturing the world of Agriculture because he said that every farmer works for the benefit of the many. Also, many people asked me and my fellow Saliknetans why we chose Agriculture than the other programs that sound better than ours.

I thought of an answer to it and to the question on why Agrivet students are dwelling in Salikneta. It is because, just like what Sec. Pangilinan said, “The Philippines needs Academically-Skilled Farmers for the food security of the country for the future generation.”

According to Sec. Francisco Pangilinan, Presidential Assistant on Food Security and Agricultural Modernization, Agriculture is a sector that a country must have but Agriculture was neglected that’s why many farmers experienced lots of difficulties that caused them to think that farming is wearisome. Sec. Pangilinan also said that a way to attain food security is to equate it to security of farmers, but he said that this is difficult to accomplish especially that the farmers today are already old and the number of youth who pursue Agriculture-related jobs is decreasing because of the mentality that being a farmer is a humbling work.

Furthermore, Sec. Pangilinan also cited that one way to find a solution to these problems is to shift paradigm from degrading to upgrading the farmers by means of implementation of new technology and effective governance. When the open forum for Sec. Pangilinan started, our directress, Dr. Florencia Claveria, narrated on how De La Salle Araneta University started Salikneta Farm and how they were able to recruit scholars from different parts of the country for B.S. Agriculture.

She also said that the scholars in Agrivet Sciences Institute are trained in academic and practical aspects of Agriculture and these scholars are supported by the De La Salle Brothers and Department of Agriculture. Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong talked to our directress and he told her that he is willing to help Agrivet whenever the institute needs help.

At the end of the conference, as we stood at the back of the three speakers namely: Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong, Mr. Dominic Serquina and Sec. Francis Pangilinan for picture taking, Dr. Henry told Sec. Pangilinan, “At our back are the future.” The words that he uttered were simple but those marked my mind and heart that being an Agriculturist is not a simple task because it requires seeds of hard work, perseverance, optimism, and concern for the future of the Philippines.

It also encompasses the vision that in farming, there can be a bright future. The eight of us were much fulfilled after the conference because we were exposed to the national issues of Agriculture in the Philippines.

A seed for change is therefore the following: a change that can lead to prosperity, a change that will brighten the future of every farmer, a change for the national food security, a change that strengthens the capacity of Agriculture in our nation, a change that upgrades the confidence of students who pursue Agriculture, a change that thinks for the welfare of the greater population, and a change that there will always be another chance in every failure. If all of these seeds will be nurtured and guided, I know that the Pilipino farmers can follow the beat of the changing world.

Month of June


Salikneta Community Elects New Student Government Officers

Article by: Eloiza May S. Galon

As the school year 2014-2015 started, the tertiary students of De La Salle Araneta University- Agrivet Sciences Institute elected its new set of Student Government officers on June 24, 2014.

Two parties and one independent candidate vied for the positions. The position for auditor was added to the vacant positions available. The ALAS Party (Accountable Leaders of Agriculturists’ Society) and Changers’ Party and Mr. Electro Balbuena (independent) filed their candidacies on the 15th of June.

A campaign debate was facilitated by Mr. Wilson Emmanuel Gorosin, Vice Director of Agrivet Sciences Institute and Adviser of the Supreme Student Government, two days before the election. The ALAS Party, led by Mr. Gerald Aguilar and Ms. JC May Tres Reyes as the candidates for executive president and executive vice president, respectively, paraded in white as they utter their party’s mission-vision. Meanwhile, the Changers’ Party, dressed in green, was headed by Mr. Jay Durano and Mr. Francisco Naldoza, the party’s candidates for president and vice-president, respectively.

The result of the election was posted in the bulletin board last July 3. The new officers of the Supreme Student Government of Agrivet Sciences Institute are as follows:

Gerald Aguilar – Executive President
Francisco Naldoza – Executive Vice-President
Jane Vanessa Yamido – Executive Secretary
Gemalyn Desoloc – Executive Treasurer
Jamaica Catimbang – Executive Auditor
Roldan Campuso – Senator
Jimson dela Cruz – Senator
Jonnel Pumares – Senator
Sardo Toradio – Senator
Robert Andrew Liao – First Year Representative
Gerald Lavado – Advanced First Year Representative
Mikko Facturan – Second Year Representative
Ryan Jay Ogao-ogao – Third Year Representative

When asked about his thoughts on being the newly elected executive president of the Student Government, Mr. Gerald Aguilar emphasized,

“Leadership is always about service to your people. At the end of your term, people will not recognize you because you were popular, but because of the things you’ve done to make them better.”


Travel to the Past: Intramuros -The Walled City

By: Jovelyn Galuzo

“Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” -Bil Keane

The Spaniards reigned over our country for 333years and influenced aspects of life of every Filipino. Religion was the first contribution brought to us by the Spaniards. They used Christianity as a tool to conquer Philippines, and they succeeded.

We can’t deny the fact that the Spanish kind of government was adapted by the country during those times. The Governor-General served as the representative of the King of Spain and functioned as the primary leader of the country. But time came when the officials from Spain abused their power over us, and there came a point when the lit of nationalism from brave Filipinos’ heart was lighted up and from there, they made history.

On the 22nd of June, our class, the 2nd year college students of Agrivet Sciences Institute, was able to travel to the past and witness the unique culture the Spaniards brought to us. Though our ancestors lived in calvary during the Spanish era, still their influence made us what we are now. And because we were on our trip for our Philippine Literature class, we had to find literary pieces that have something to do with Intramuros and the history of the place. The past had so much to offer for today’s generation and having this gift to appreciate the beauty of what it had given, I wonder what it will bring for our future.

The elegance and grandeur of Churches designs of San Agustin Church and the Basilica of Manila Cathedral inspired by Renaissance and Baroque art made a tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors. Pavements of the street that were kept busy even before because of the barter trade still remain accessorized with old Calesa that can be rented for a tour around Intramuros and Fort Santiago. Strong stone walls embrace the whole city. The structures remind us of the sweat the Filipinos poured during the construction of the walls in Polo y Servicio. These walls made not only a beautiful spot but a place that narrates many stories.

After strolling around the walls of Intamuros, we made our way to the National Museum of the Philippines that showcases the pride of our country. Many artifacts of old civilizations brought imagery of the past living style of native Filipinos. Potteries and clothing lines were made by hand by skilled artisans of pre-colonial time.

The spirit of making pottery lived thru time and still molded the skills of artisans of present generation. Many famous writers and artists made the history as an inspiration to make amazing and award-winning pieces and paintings known worldwide that truly move every person’s life and serves as a tool to make a change in the society. One of those famous writers is our own national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. He fought the Spaniards through the use of paper and ink.

Three of his famous pieces were El Filibusterismo, Noli Me Tangere and Mi Ultimo Adios. The pieces were made to awaken the nationalism from every Filipino’s heart and for the countrymen to fight for their freedom and rights for their country. This event truly proved that no matter what happened, good or bad experiences can be turned into an inspiration to make pieces that could inspire others.

After a long day, I realized that the past does matter. Life is also about how you view the past and use it for the present. Facing the present time with accumulated learnings from the past is a huge challenge for Agriculture students like us. The seeds that we sow today are what we’re going to harvest in the future. We have to take the opportunity to make the history as it is. Today is a gift wherein we are given the chance to make our own history.

Month of March


AgriVet students undergo summer training

Thirty five BS Agriculture students of the AgriVet Sciences Institute at the Salikneta Farm successfully completed their Skills and Development Training conducted at the Central Luzon State University in Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

From 31 March to 20 April 2014, the students had a chance to immerse and experience work at the Small Ruminant Center, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and the Philippine Carabao Center. They were taught basic information regarding the processes involved in the proper domestication of animals and other skills that they need to acquire as need to acquire as future agriculturists.

Month of February


Aspiring students leaders attend Student Leaders Congress

Aspiring student leaders from the Tertiary Department and AgriVet Sciences Institute participated in a two-day Student Leaders Congress organized by the Office of Student Services headed by Ms. Marie Allison Parpan, Vice Chancellor for Students and Mission.

Inspiring talks on Lasallian leadership from Br. Lawrence Aikee esmeli FSC, Mr. Miggy Moreno, DLSU USG President, and Dr. Kit Bonnet, Job Placement Coordinator of DLSU, were given to the aspiring student leaders in attendance. The Student Congress was undertaken as a prepartaion for the Supreme Student Council (SSC) and College Student Council (CSC) elections of the Tertiary Department.

A total of 40 student leaders attended the Congress, which included represenatives from the AgriVet Sciences Institute and this year's COMELEC which is headed by Mr. Noah Correa, a Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry student. Also present were Supreme Student Council (SSC) and (CSC) candidates from the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in De La Salle Araneta University (STAND) and Alyansa ng Lasalyanong Aktibo at Makabago (ALAM).

Month of January


La Salle Madrid's Dr. Jesus Alcoba visits DLSAU

Dr. Jesus Alcoba, Director of La Salle International Graduate School of Business in Madrid, visited De La Salle Araneta University on January 23 - 27 and delivered lectures before undergraduate and Graduate students of the University and to immerse himself in the university life.

His session with around 200 undergraduate students on January 24 centered on Banksy's Cancelled Dreams. He shared with the students how the brain aims to create meaning in people's lives. By doing so, they may be able to predict the future and by predicting the future, they may find ways to survive. He also reiterated that people are more a result of their habits than their heritage, that practice and training improves them in their chosen field.

Dr. Alcoba met with about 90 Graduate School students the next day and talked about Neuroscience and Leadership. He shared about the story of Ernest Shackleton, famous Antartic Explorer, and how he handle his team when they got stuck in the Antartic during their Endurance Expedition. He told his auidence that the key to being a good leader is to be the first follower . He also discussed the importance of being a resonant leader filled with mindfulness, compassion and hope - things that Ernest Shackleton possessed.

Also included in his itinenary was a visit to Salikneta Farm on January 26. He joined the Lasallian Partners who were also at the farm to hold the Partners Day as part of the week-long celebrations for the University Week 2014.

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