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News and Updates 2013-2014

Month of December


Salikneta opens alternative route

Through the inauguration of the new bridge in Salikneta last December 5, students and visitors to the farm now have an alternative road to take. The new access road will make it easier for students and visitors to travel in and out of the farm. Also blessed on the same day was the laboratory of the Agrivet Sciences Institute which is used by the high school students to be able to convert concepts and theories into practical applications.

Present to witness this milestone were the Board of Trustees of DLSAU headed by Chairman Dr. Mary Ann Sayoc. Also present were Br. Narciso Erguiza FSC, Br. Victor Franco FSC, Br. Ricardo Laguda FSC, Br Augustine Boquer FSC, Sr. Ma. Corazon Manalo, DC, Dr. Zosimo de leon and Mr. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. The blessing coincided with the 3rd Quarter Board of Trustees Meeting

Month of October


Salikneta Makeover ver. 1.0 Beautifies Farm Surroundings

The resourcefulness, creativity, agricultural skills and knowledge of the four colour teams were put to test through the Salikneta Makeover Contest. The said contest aimed to clean and beautify the surroundings through landscaping or arboriculture. The Yellow Python team, headed by Ms. Rogen Anir and Mrs. Ruby Andrade, brought home the coveted title of being the champions of the Salikneta Makeover version 1.0.

The assigning of the different areas to the teams was done through draw lots. The Yellow Pythons were assigned on the farm entrance and both sides of the school building. The Red Horses were designated on the pathway from the guard house to the court. Meanwhile, the Green Dragons were tasked to revamp the surroundings of the Agriventures Learning Center and the Blueffalos were given the area around the White House.

The planning and redesigning of each area began on September 29, 2013. The first judging was conducted during the Agri Day on October 25 of the same year. The last judging, which revealed the final list of winners, happened on a random date.

On December 5, the prizes were awarded by Dr. Florencia Claveria, the School Director, to the worthy winners. The Yellow Python proved to be at the head of the pack and received Php 5,000. The Green Dragons and Blueffalos, in second and third places, got Php 4,000 and Php 2,000, respectively. The Red team, who finished fourth place, received Php 1000. All the cash prizes were sponsored by Mr. Cesar dela Peňa, a former graduate mentee of Dr. Florencia Claveria at De La Salle University Manila.


Salikneta First Masterchef Contest

Salikneta First Masterchef Contest By: Jaybelle V. Maranan

The search for the first-ever Salikneta Masterchef was held in Salikneta Farm on October 26th , as one of the activities in the Agri Day, the event that culminated the Salikneta Sportsfest 2013.

Four teams vied for the prestigious title of having the honour to be named Masterchef. The teams are the Red Horse team, Yellow Python team, Green Dragon team and the Bluefallo team. Each team had ten participants and had to cook four dishes highlighting four different main ingredients namely pork, chicken, vegetables and a stir-fry dish. The teams were given one and a half hour to cook their own delicious delicacies in woodfire.

Each member of the group has their assigned task like cutting the ingredients, cooking, creating their own woodfire and the garbage collecting. The twist of the cooking contest was revealed by Dr. Florencia Claveria (school directress) that they need to incorporate three herbs per dish. The twist made it harder for the participants because they are not the familiar ingredients to put in a dish.

Each team showed fearlessness at the contest and continued to cook and set aside the complexity of the twist given. Garnishing and plating is one of the basis in judging and they need to put names on their dish too. It showed the artistic side of the contestants in making their dishes more striking in the eyes of the audiences. The teams are given their own stall for their already prepared dish. At the end, the judgement was on the taste of the dish itself.

The judges is comprises of Dr. Florencia Claveria, the school directress, and Mr. Wilson Emmanuel Gorosin, the school vice- director. Each participants of the team got eyes widened as the judges took a taste of the dishes they cooked.

The smile coming from the judges put hope in the mind of each team that they can win the contest. The tasty dishes they cooked made it harder to the judges to choose the winner. But the Red Horse team brought home the bacon.

The dishes named Stir Fry Darken Talong, Sweetend Chicken Adobo, Salikneta Express and Banana Meat made the Red team as the champion. The herbs compliment on each dish they cook and made them the winner. The Green Dragon team and Yellow Python team just tied up on the second place. And the Bluefallo team got the third place.

All of them was considered the winner as they shared their dishes in one of the Fillipino traditions called the “Budol Fight”. Each team left the area with their tummy satisfied. So, whose gonna be the Salikneta Masterchef next year? Do you think it’s the Red Horse team again or the other teams can beat them? Well, let’s see.


Sportsfest 2013 reawakens faith through friendly competition

Sportsfest 2013 reawakens faith through friendly competition By: Eloiza May S. Galon

The annual Agrivet Sciences Institute’s Sportsfest was held in Salikneta Farm from the 24th to the 26th of October, with the Agri Day celebration culminating the valued event.

With the theme, “Rekindling the Spirit of Faith in Action”, four teams, namely Red Horse, Bluefalo, Green Dragon and Yellow Python, competed in different sports and cultural contests to succeed the then, defending champions, Bluefalo, and be crowned as champions of Sportsfest 2013.

The first two days of the celebration were dedicated to the different individual and team sport events like basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess and tug-o-war. Meanwhile, the teams flaunted their talents, team spirit, creativity, artistry, green thumbs and cooking skills in the agricultural activities such as Salikneta Extreme Makeover, Master chef Salikneta, Sayaw para sa Kalikasan and Awit para sa Agrikultura, during the Agri Day, which also served as the awarding ceremony.

In the end, the Red Horse team headed by Mr. Alfonso Dandin and Ms. Jolly Fabro emerged as the victor with 258 points. Falling behind the Red Horse team by two points (with 256 points in total) is the last year’s champion, Bluefalo team, guided by Ms. Ma. Vanna Banigoos and Mr. Michael Buenavista. The Yellow Python team led by Ms. Rogen Anir and Mrs. Ma. Ruby Andrade with 237 points and the Green Dragon team headed by Mr. Rito Tumubo with 234 points, came in third and fourth place, respectively.

More than the fun and the success, the Salikneta Sportsfest 2013 instilled the values of camaraderie, patience, team work and humility in all the members of each team, which is far more important than any other prize or award that anyone had achieved.


Salikneta Sportsfest - Together as One

Together as One By: By Marialyn Ladio

Sportsfest or Intramurals is the most awaited and prestigious event in every schools and universities. This event serves as a break of every student from school work, project, exams, and other academic-related stressors. This is also the time where every student is given the opportunity to show their talents and their skills in sports. It is the time where the students can compete not only with the opponents but most especially with oneself. And the ultimate goal of all teams and individuals is that coveted title as a Champion.

On the surface we can visualize Sportsfest as a competitive, loud, and cheerful activity. But if we try to look beyond we can actually vision the Sportsfest as a venue to grow in different aspects whether individually, or as a part of a team, or as a community. We all know that sport fest is not only about sport’s or talent competition but rather sharing the talent with each other. Sportsfest serve as a wrecking ball that breaks the wall that separates us. It brings people together to grow and establish healthy relationships.

Throughout the event I see how every student teaches their teammates in order to know how to dance (for the Cheerdance Competition) and play different kinds of sports. The sport fest is not only about doing one’s best to win the game but rather how one put God as a center of whatever he/she does. Offering a prayer to God before and after the game became a habit in this Sportsfest. It is not all about winning the game but rather winning the respect of the opponent. Every student showed sportsmanship throughout the event because even in losing the game they still manage to smile and congratulate the winning team. The smile that is written in their faces is the big evidence that they enjoy every game and each team’s company. Giving care to our co student who get wounded or hurts or cheering up teammates every time they lost their self-confidence are some of the small gestures that I have noticed that made a lot of difference.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who become Champions or who shine among the rest but what matters is that the bond, the joy and the laughter shared together the community will always remain in deep in everyone’s hearts.


Salikneta Sportsfest - Perseverance

It depicts a high spirit of a growing perseverance amidst the heart breaking and exciting game of the character in the poem.

By: Jimson dela Cruz

In the shore of changes rapt,
From the rim of castle engulfed
Grains of sand had been washed,
In the seas of defeat might crash!

The crowd roars from afar:
The dire yells echoed abrupt,
Into my heart crawls as fast
Inspirin’ me and pushin’ me up.

Though the feel I am in a forge,
Emptiness and dryness in mind I’d thought
Then frailness toast my precious flesh,
Cramping in the holes of my vessels!

The loud cheers echoed from behind,
Like a thunder that struck my little mind
Then my soul cries and thirst longing,
A solace comes gently oozing….

Yet my mind tumbles like in a war,
Where cunning and valiant warriors duel
Fighting for glory that make them fame,
Wailing at an instant if they had slained!

But from the vast of heaven’s face,
Stars flickers grinning at pace
Naively dancing sweetly singing…
Our team’s yell emerge clapping!

This poem is a tribute to the most memorable and happiest sport fest in Salikneta Farm. It depicts a high spirit of a growing perseverance amidst the heart breaking and exciting game of the character in the poem.


Salikneta Extreme Makeover Contest - Changes that begins in me

Changes that begins in me By: Vanessa Jane Yamido

Last October, the Salikneta Farm underwent a major overhaul. This was in line with the activity entitled Salikneta Extreme Makeover.

The event was organized to exhaust the ingenuity of the members of a community. The students were divided into teams and each team is accompanied by a farm staff and a school faculty.

For the past entire month of October, the teams poured out their full effort in showcasing their creativity to beautify and transform the farm through landscaping. This activity did not just impart a development for the farm but it also serves as a bridge for the Salikneta-based Lasallians to build strong ties with each other. Each plant, or stone, or gravel added to respective areas of assignment established a connection to each other. Like each part of the efforts they exerted is a symbol of sharing oneself that would ultimately turn out to be a part of a beautiful landscape.

The changes in the physical aspect of the farm are also reflective of the development of values honed by teams and individuals during the activity. The value of cooperation, openness and respect was truly exercised and stretched.

In the Institute’s Agri Day Celebration last October 27, 2013, the announcement of the partial ratings for the makeover contest was made. The Yellow Pythons headed by Ms. Rogen Anir and Ms. Ruby Andrade reigned the said contest, bagging 87% partial score. “I am very happy that the favor of the judges goes on to my team. Actually, it was my teammates who played a big part of the makeover. Even if I’m not there every time to work with them, they were very responsible to work in our areas. I’m happy that the effort of my teammates was paid off. Go Yellow Pythons!!!” says Ms. Rogen Anir.

No winner is declared yet so the first spot is still up for grabs since the areas will still undergo a month long evaluation to identify on how each team properly nurtures their work. “We’re still optimistic and I guess we deserve to win this contest for the effort that we invested, that’s how the Lasallian Spirit goes right?’” says Lorenelle Gularez, one of the Yellow Python’s members .Nowadays, each team is still working for their landscape and is looking forward for the announcement of the winner that will receive special prize from Dr. Florencia Claveria this coming December 3, 2013.

Month of August


Salikneta Buwan ng Wika

Buwan ng Wika Featured Article titled "Regalo" By: Emmie Marie Rosales

Wika, regalo na kay yumi at kay ganda
Tunay nga namang napakahiwaga
Ika nina tubig, apoy, hangi’t lupa
Ang pagkatuklas sayo ay napakahalaga

Nagkaintindihan sina puno’t hangin
Maging si araw at tubig ay ganoon din
Ano kaya kung ikaw ay hindi natagpuan?
Siguro’y nasa gitna kami ng kawalan

Bawat tao ay pinagkalooban ng regalong ito
Pero madalas itong inaabuso
Ng mga salitang hindi galing sa puso
At mga salitang nakakasakit ng ibang tao

Kung ang iba ay walang layang magsalita
Mapalad ka kung ikaw ay malaya
Gamitin ang wika ayon sa kagustuhan ng Maylikha
Upang siya ay matuwa at ‘di magluksa

Bawat tao’y may sariling wika
Wikang sinasalita, wikang ginagawa,
Wika ng damdamin at wikang ipinapakita
Wika ng lungkot, luksa, tawa at tuwa

Kung ang iyong wikain ay katotohanan
‘Di ba’y masaya at magaan
Kung ang iyong wikain ay kasinungalingan
‘Di ba’y napakabigat ng iyong pasan

Bulag, bingi’t pipi ay may wika din
Minsan sila ang tinatamaan ng salitang masakit at sakim
Inaapakan ang dignidad na walang pakundangan
Tahimik man ay nasasaktan din ang kalooban

Sana ginagamit ang wika upang magbuklod at ‘di ang sumira
Upang sa iba ay magbigay saya at ligaya
Sana ginagamit ito para sa kapayapan at ‘di sa digmaan
Upang pairalin ang kabutihan at ‘di ang kasamaan

Kayhiwaga nga naman ng regalong ito
Pangalagaan, pagyamanin at mahalin mo
Sa iyong paglalayag ay pakaingatan mo Wikang regalo ko at regalo mo


Salikneta Freshmen Holds “FA’MERS”

The first year college students of De La Salle Agrivet Sciences Institute held the Farmers Awards Night on August 17, 2013

The first year college students of De La Salle Agrivet Sciences Institute held the Farmers Awards Night on August 17, 2013 as their midterm requirement for their English class. The event primarily aimed to hone the students’ English communication and improvisation skills and to develop their confidence in public speaking. It also paved the way for the students to show their talent and self-expression.

The awards given reflected the students’ personality and how they are viewed by other people. These include: “Walking Dictionary”, “Einstein of the Class”, “Obra Maestra Award”, “Dynamic Queen”, “Black Mamba ”, “Fashionista”, “OMG Award”, and the like, which they thought of themselves. There were also special awards given to the teachers like “Ms. Epistaxis” and “Awards of Appreciation”.

The event did not only showcase the students’ English speaking skills but also their talent in singing and dancing, their creativity in the decoration and in making indigenous trophies, their resourcefulness as to the materials used, and their cooperation throughout the activity. The students did not only make an effort on the mentioned areas, but more on how they looked that night. They were all dressed and made up elegantly.

The occasion was made complete with the presence of the school directress, Dr. Florencia Claveria, the school vice director, Mr. Wilson E. Gorosin, and some faculty members and staff. “I am so happy with the outcome because I was just thinking of a simpler awards night, but my students certainly exceeded my expectation,” Ms. Maria Vanna A. Banigoos, their English teacher said when asked about how she felt with the success of the activity. “I also planned to simulate the film festivals we have in the Philippines like the FAMAS, but my students suggested to have it related to their personal life. Now, I am happier that they did,” she added.

The students were also able to express the other side of them and they were able to reflect on the award that they received. Now, they hope for another event like this one, which will certainly be better.


Salikneta participates in the first SIGWA workshop

Mr Aniñon, Farm Resources Manager of Salikneta with Mr. Electro Balbuena, a first year BS Agriculture student, participated in this two-day DLSU-AWOS training workshop.

The De La Salle University Air Weather Observation System (DLSU-AWOS)under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Challenge Grant Project, University Research Coordination Office, and the DLSU Center for Natural Science and Environmental Research held its 1st Workshop on the Students Involved in Geophysical, Weather, and Atmospheric studies (SIGWA).

Mr. Aniñon, Salikneta Farm Resources Manager, was joined by Mr. Electro Balbuena, first year BS Agriculture student who holds National Certificate 1 and 2 in Computer from TESDA. The 1st AWOS training workshop was held at the 20th floor of Andrew Building Multi-Purpose Hall last August 2-3, 2013.

We are thankful and happy that Salikneta was chosen among the 15 participating La Salle schools to be a recipient of the weather station kit.

Month of July


Honors Assembly

We are happy to inform you that Ms. Elioza May S. Galon & Ms. Mary Grace T. Besilos have been recognized in our Honors’ Assembly scheduled on July 24, 2013, 1:00 – 2:30 PM, Osmena Hall.

Month of June


The Blessing of the Agriventures Learning Center

ALC was blessed last June 11, 2013 with the attendance of the DLSAU Board of Trustees, Beneficiaries, Guests & Administrators & Students of AGSI.

Month of May


New Website for De La Salle Salikneta Farm

We are proud to announce the unveiling of our website called "Salikneta Farm"

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